Apology & Happy International Women’s Day!
March 8th » Category: Updates

We are deeply sorry for our late replies. We’ve had a major family crisis and on top of that medical issues so it’s been very difficult to focus on orders. We plan on catching up in the following days. In the mean time we apologize for all the inconveniences. We appreciate our customers so it’s always hard when delays happen. Know that we value your orders and we love creating things for you, it’s just been a horrific time as far as personal lives are concerned. <3

Happy International Women’s Day!

Much appreciation,

Carla & Ana

October 12th » Category: Info, Packages, Updates

From now on our WordPress themes will be based on modern HTML5 coding and have more functionality than before so by ordering you will get more value. We did some research to ensure we included the most useful functions and best coding methods within our themes. So we are very happy to announce this improvement in our service. There is more coming up and we look forward to implementing effective changes. If you have suggestions make sure you comment bellow.

New Version coming up!
February 4th » Category: Updates

Hi, everyone!

There is an upcoming gallery update but in the meantime please bear with us while we make the transitions to the latest version. We hope you will love the new layout! <3

New Premades
October 8th » Category: Portfolio, Premade, Updates

Hi people!

I’ve made 2 Premades, one for WordPress features Taylor Swift and one for Coppermine featuring Dianna Argon.

For more premade designs please visit the Premades page. Thank you!

New Packages
October 4th » Category: Info, Packages, Updates

You may have noticed we’ve been updating the gallery lately with some of our older designs. We still have a few to add but until then we’ve added some new packages for you to order and enhanced some of our previous ones thus adding more value for you to enjoy when ordering. :)

Bellow you will find a list of some of the changes, make sure you check out the Packages page for detailed info.

  • There is a brand new package for manipulated WordPress theme called Heavenly Serendipity. We will be adding examples to it in the upcoming days.
  • The Twitter Heart package has been enhanced to include custom header + avatar as well as color codes.
  • From now on all of our WordPress Themes come with 3 complimentary link buttons.
  • Our new Iconsort Package comes with free installation of Iconsort.
  • You can now order icons or link buttons from us.
  • Our Matching Extravagance Package now includes Twitter as well.


Expect more changes in the upcoming days.


In Progress:

Thank you for choosing us! [PROCEED]
Find the package that is ideal for you in the list [PROCEED]
If any of the designs appeal to you feel free to order! [PROCEED]
Check Out our Portfolio [PROCEED]
Before ordering make sure you read the rules [PROCEED]
Feedback from those who enjoy our designs is always appreciated [PROCEED]
Here are some tips on choosing what is best for your design [PROCEED]

Package: Matching Extravagance
Description: Matching WordPress and Coppermine theme for your website that will have everything integrated with the same style.
-18 euro (simple themes).
- 20 euro ( advanced themes ).


Type: Premium Coppermine Theme
Includes: Manipulated graphic header, custom title images and background images, custom css, welcome message.
Price: 16 euro.


ID: Dark, Mysterious & Pretty


Please Note: None of the images used in a design by ES Designs are in any way sold. These images are selected by the customer and there is no charge for including them in the design. Enrapturing Serendipity Designs does not claim ownership on any trademarked or licensed image used in a design. All trademarks, logos, images and licensed resources remain the property of their respective owners. Therefore no copyright infringement is ever intended.

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